Why Afrinnova?

Afrinnova is about encouraging and enabling African innovation for Africans

Africa is the new frontier and beyond the physical land grab, there is also a turf war amongst the major technology companies for customers across the African terrain.

This new scramble for territory may not always be in the interest of Africans as it usually geared towards selling products to enterprises and consumers rather than encouraging innovation and growth.

Startups deliver new products or services under conditions of extreme uncertainty, there is no place with greater uncertainty than Africa and most businesses actually operate under startup conditions.

Most African entrepreneurs probably know more about uncertainty than others anywhere else. The truly innovative African entrepreneur thrives against seemingly overwhelming odds.

That spirit of resilience, a collaborative culture and unique ecosystems have led to some peculiar business models that have thrived for generations and currently helping to propel widespread adoption of mobile technology and mobile payments across Africa. Afrinnova intends to refine and encourage widespread use these models and grow these ecosystems beyond geographical boundaries.

Entrepreneurial success usually breeds imitators, but in the case of Africa it breeds a lot of copycats and opportunists. With millions of educated people and rapidly improving infrastructure, Africa is sadly filled with more opportunists than innovators. There is space in Africa for tremendous growth and innovation with the right mindset.

One of the main objectives of Afrinnova is to create more innovative entrepreneurial ventures through proper guidance and mentorship in collaboration with the best entrepreneurial minds in the world.

Afrinnova is about moving African entrepreneurship from opportunism to value innovation and building new ecosystems based on ethical values

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